NJF Conference 2020

Sustainable development of future academia in Sweden


The aim of this conference is to discuss how we can protect high quality research, innovation, education and academic freedom from a future/young researcher perspective and generate recommendations for future directions and guidelines.

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Location and date 
Biomedicum 1, Karolinska Institutet (Solna), Stockholm, 12-13 Nov 2020


Day 1

11.00-12.00      Arrival, registration and interactive lunch (sponsored by Thermo Fisher)

12.00-12.15      Welcome, opening words and moderator introduced by Mo Segad, Conference Chair 

12.15 – 13.00    Keynote 1: Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Former President of the European Research Council 

13.00 – 14.15    Session 1: What is our future? Session Chair (Mo Segad)

  • Maria Thuveson, Director of the Swedish Research Council (VR)
  • Tobias Krantz, Special investigator, Sweden’s National Research Infrastructure
  • Pam Fredman, President of the International Association of Universities (IAU) and STRUT-investigator 

Panel debate open to the audience (45 min)

14.15-14.45     Coffee (sponsored by SULF)

14.45-16.15      Session 2: What does our current situation look like? Session Chair (Sara Hägg)

  • Carine Signoret, Senior Lecturer,
    A survey – National Faculty of Sweden (15 min)
  • Lars Geschwind, Head of Learning Unit, 
    National survey: 10 years after PhD in Sweden (15 min)
  • Riia Sustarsic, Grant Manager/Coordinator,
    Academic career other than tenure (15 min)
  • Emma Andersson, Assistant professor, 
    The time sheet study (5 min)

Panel debate open to the audience (40 min)

16.15-16.30      Short break

16.30-17.45      Keynote 2: Richard M. Linnehan, NASA astronaut, veterinary doctor and Adjunct Professor at North Carolina State University and Texas A&M University

18.30-20.30    Dinner at restaurant Nanna Swartz at Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna

20.30                Beer session

Day 2

8.30-10.00      Session 3: What is an ideal academic environment? Session Chair (Cecilia Engdahl)

  • Juha Nieminen, Lecturer in Teaching and learning, 
    Work-life balance (15 min)
  • Karin Åmossa, SULF
    Perspectives from the unions on work-life balance and an ideal research environment (15 min)
  • Åsa Kettis, Division for Quality Enhancement, Uppsala University
    The good environment according to KoF17 (15 min)

Panel debate with speakers joined by Christina Jönsson (RISE

10.00-10.30      Coffee (sponsored by Svenska Sällskapet för Medicinsk SSMF)

10.30-12.00      Session 4: What are our recommendations?

Structured group discussions among participants and recommendations for future directions summarized through online communication channels.

12.00-12.30     Moderator summarizes key points. Final words by Mo Segad, Conference Chair 

12.30-13.30     Interactive lunch (sponsored by SSMF)

13.00                Departure