National Junior Faculty organizes bi-annual meetings, where representatives from local Junior/Future/Young Faculties meet to discuss and work on current issues. The host of these meetings rotates between the member institutions.

Upcoming bi-annual meeting

The next National Junior Faculty Meeting will be held in Spring 2021,  hosted by Future Faculty at Sahlgrenska Academy (University of Gothenburg).

Previous meetings
2020 – Autumn meeting at Uppsala University; Spring meeting at Stockholm University
2019 – Autumn meeting at Umeå University; Spring meeting at SLU in Uppsala
2018 – Autumn meeting at Lund University; Spring meeting at Örebro University
2017 – Autumn Meeting at Karolinska Institutet; Spring Meeting at Linköping University
2016 – Autumn Meeting at University of Gothenburg; Spring Meeting at Uppsala University
2015 – Autumn Meeting at Lund University; Spring Meeting at Umeå University
2014 – Autumn Meeting at Karolinska University (Establishment of National Junior Faculty)