National Junior Faculty organizes a biannual meeting, where representatives from local Junior or Future Faculties meet to discuss and work on current issues. The hosting of this meeting rotates between the member institutions. Also, see NJF conference 2020.

Next meeting

The next National Junior Faculty Meeting will be held in Spring 2021,  hosted by University of Gothenburg.

Previous meetings
2020 Spring meeting at Stockholm University
2019 Autumn meeting at Umeå University
2019 Spring meeting at SLU in Uppsala
2018 Autumn meeting at Lund University
2018 Spring meeting at Örebro University
2017 Autumn Meeting at Karolinska Institutet
2017 Spring Meeting at Linköping University
2016 Autumn Meeting at University of Gothenburg
2016 Spring Meeting at Uppsala University
2015 Autumn Meeting at Lund University
2015 Spring Meeting at Umeå University
2014 Autumn Meeting at Karolinska University (Establishment of National Junior Faculty)