Stay tuned here for upcoming webinars focused on a variety of topics and issues affecting Early Career Researchers. In addition to providing up to date information on highly topical themes, we hope that these webinars will help serve to bring together research academics from throughout Sweden. Additionally, we will also be highlighting webinars hosted by our local member faculties wishing to reach out to their fellow research academics. If you have ideas for webinars that NJF should hold, or would like share an already planned event with the NJF member universities, please contact us!

Mass survey into the effect of the new Aliens Act

NJF together with the doctoral student committee of the National Student Union (SFS-DK), the KTH PhD Chapter and the Swedish National Postdoc Association (SNPA) carried out a mass survey of Early Career Researchers and doctoral students asking them how the new changes in the Aliens Act (in Swedish) will affect their future career in Sweden. The survey will remain open until Jan 31st, 2022 and is open to responses from anyone working in Swedish academia. Feel free to share the survey link with your colleagues and on social media.

Webinar: The job behind the title – Job hunting for academics

The Lund University Future Faculty together with NJF hosted Niclas Lindqvist in September 2021 for a webinar on what kinds of jobs are available to academics leaving academia and how to apply for them.

NJF 2021 survey:

Last year the NJF surveyed early career researchers from across Sweden about their experiences in career progression and what challenges they faced. The results are currently being analyzed by our working group and the output will be posted in the “Survey Results” section of our webpage. Stay tuned!

NJF representatives meet with UKÄ:

NJF representatives Alexandra Petrulevich (UU) and Lovisa Lundholm (SU) together with representatives from the Swedish Young Academy (SUA) meet with the representatives of the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) to discuss the roles that Early Career Researchers play at Swedish universities and how NJF sees the current condition of their career paths. UKÄ is working towards improving education and training of students and sought out the opinions and viewpoint of NJF.

Read the press release from the NJF conference 2020 here!

Read more about past webinars in 2020 below:


Improving research culture – proposals & discussions from the science community

This fall we invited attendees of the Danish Diabetes Academy Winter School to discuss with us the conference’s survey over 5 webinar workshops. Their published article analysed the responses of 200 international researchers, with challenging questions, such as:

“What does succeed mean?”
“What is good science these days”
“How do we survive in this hyper-competitive environment.”

This webinar workshop series brought together researchers throughout Sweden to discuss the 5 identified challenge areas, and associated proposed solutions.

We are currently summarising these discussions and plan to share them in the spring of 2021. Stay tuned!


Discover your hidden dream – Entrepreneurship

We would like to thank Dr. Tina Persson for a wonderful talk, and sharing her personal story about her own career transition, from two decades as a research academic, to entrepreneur and CEO. In her talk, she discussed many of the challenges she faced along the way, including the power of changing your own mental framework about your career.

Dr. Tina Persson is a former academic and now CEO and Career and Coaching Expert. Tina advocates for PhD professionals and early-career researchers, and she has assisted hundreds of researchers across Sweden and around the world in launching their careers.

If you would like to read more about Tina or contact her for coaching advice, please visit her website.


How to survive home office

In the summer, more than 80 participants from all over Europe listened to our first NJF Science Lunch webinar series with the title “How to survive home office”!

In part 1, our speakers Anna Henschel, social neuroscientist at University of Glasgow, and Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalo, researcher in exercise physiology at Karolinska Institute, told us about their research and shared several tips on mental health and how to stay physically active when working from home.

In part 2, Lotta Strand, co-founder of Svava and expert in digital meetings shared tips how to keep people engaged during virtual meetings. Furthermore, Daniel Quintana, researcher in biological psychiatry at University at Oslo, explained techniques and strategies to have productive workdays when your office is part of your living room.


Future Activities

We are continuing to plan for future seminars and activities, so please reach out to us to share your own ideas, and follow us on twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date!