Our Bylaws

Bylaws for the National Junior Faculty of Sweden

  1. The National Junior Faculty of Sweden (NJF) is an umbrella organization for local junior/future faculties at Swedish universities. Any local organization from a Swedish university is free to join NJF.
  2. NJF represents young scientists that hold a PhD, but do not hold a permanent academic position. The purpose of NJF is to improve the situation, financing and working conditions for young scientists in Sweden. This is done by influencing politicians/government, with their departments, funding bodies and the public opinion.
  3. NJF has a steering group with meetings twice a year (one in the spring semester and one in the fall semester).
  4. The NJF has a single chairperson. Every three meetings, a new election will be held. The position of chairperson can be held by the elected individual for a maximum of six meetings (approximately three years, consecutive or non-consecutive terms). The chair must be elected by unanimous vote at a bi-annual NJF steering group meeting. The chair must be a JF/FF member at an NJF-affiliated institution. A sitting chair must be re-appointed to their post by unanimous vote at the beginning of each bi-annual NJF steering group meeting. In the case that no chair is selected, the chairperson defaults to the current host institute of the NJF bi-annual meeting.
  5. The NJF vice chair will rotate every six months between local organisations. The NJF vice chair has responsibility for organisation of one NJF steering group meeting at their local institution during their tenure.
  6. Each local organization has one vote when represented at NJF meetings. NJF requires for 100% consensus to make decisions. If consensus cannot be reached any proposals or articles can be signed by the local junior faculties separately.
  7. Local organizations appoint their own representative for NJF.
  8. The agenda for upcoming meetings is sent one month in advance of each bi-annual meeting. Local organizations agree on giving their NJF representatives mandate to vote, negotiate and make decisions at the NJF meeting.
  9. If any task that needs to be finished between two meetings, a working group is appointed. The tasks should have a clear timeframe and deadline, which is decided for each task.
  10. Protocols and documents from NJF meetings are made available to all JF/FF boards in an open manner.
  11. NJF meeting costs are covered by the local host.